Why not have your own web page?

I often wonder why people make money for other sites when you can pay $7 a month to have your own. You can make money off google ads! Instead of making money for other people. Like the ads I have on my page here. I get a check every month from google. If you make over $100.00 a month they will send you a check the next month. They have been sending me monthly checks for 15 years I think. I have to pay taxes on it, they send me a thing at the end of the year to give my tax person. They are always like, you work for google? lol cause I live in the middle of nowhere.

Some custom content creators make you jump though hoops to download something and it is very annoying =) Having to click 5 links just to get to the page that makes me wait cause I have not paid is crappy to say the least… I have no idea how much money they get a month for that?

I use godaddy, but there are less expensive ones out there! Lots of them!!! They will install wordpress for you and do backups every night!