Veterinarian Career

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Level 1: Veterinary Assistant  25/HR

You are a low-level assistant, but remember study hard and you will move up! As a Vet Assistant, you will provide support during pet examinations by assembling required supplies and instruments; securing and bringing animals to examination room; restraining animals; providing assistance as directed; client communication.

Skills:  Veterinarian 2 

Level 2: Veterinary Technician 50/HR 

Monitor and access the health status of each animal in the work area. Report any concerns regarding physical or mental health status of any animal to a Surgeon. Administer medications as instructed. Assist sanitation team and med room staff as needed. Facilitate adoption meet and greets. Monitor emotional and psychological health of the animals by providing enrichment, play time, exercise, etc.

Skills:  Veterinarian 4 

Level 3: Veterinary Surgeon 100/HR 

You have made it as a Vet Surgeon! What you will be doing here is administering surgery to any animal who comes in and needs it. You are the primary person to provide optimal care for our hospitalized specialty patients and clients seeking emergency care in the overnight hours.

Skills:  Veterinarian 6 

Level 4: Veterinary Assistant Manager 150/HR 

You are now the Assistant Manager! You will now perform duties of the Manager. During your time as Assistant Manager, you will answer client and staff questions regarding medical and surgical procedures and oversee transfer of medical cases from technicians and surgeons. Remember to report back to the manager above you!

Skills:  Veterinarian 10 

Level 5: Veterinary Manager 200/HR 

Congratulations you are now the Manager! You will oversee all surgical and medical practices of the Assistants, Technicians, Surgeons below you. You will need to provide oversight and direction to make sure quality care is being provided to pets and their owners.