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CaptureThe following items have been put on the gallery for download! (Search Origin ID: Kaleeko or #kaleeko)

Ripples in Paradise: Home – I made some slight change from the full tour here, just spruced up some decor and changed a few things in the bedroom. Nothing major!
The Holiday Family – Walter and Harold Holiday; the main characters for my upcoming story, Home for the Holidays. Walter is a teenager who desires a nerd brain, and is gloomy/geek; Harold is an elder who desires to be a master painter, and is family oriented/perfectionist/good.
The Holiday Homestead – The only major changes I made to this from my full tour posted earlier is the outside wall color, and some changes to the roofing. If you preferred the darker colors feel free to change it back, I just always envisioned the Holiday’s with a blue house so I made it happen.
Enjoy, guys! ♥ I’ll try and do a few more uploads tomorrow.

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