BODY HAIR V5 ✨ Body Hair is back and even more… – L U U M I A S I M S

 BODY HAIR V5 ✨ Body Hair is back and even more fur-tastic than before!! Give your lovely Sim-men the pelt they’ve always wanted. ✨ The low-down: Full body coverage! Arms, chest, pubes, legs, pits, you name it. 15 variations ranging from “twink with a trimmer” to “literal walking rug”! 5 pretentiously named color choices! Found in the tattoo section. No conflicts with other tattoos! Notes: Feel free to pick my textures apart and combine them to make custom versions, as long as its only for personal use. This does not include recolors: you’re allowed to release those! I wanted to make this pube-compatible with LunarEclipse’s excellent penis cc (which you should totally get) but the UV mapping on it distorts the texture pretty badly.  I might look into adding compatibility with UntraditionalNerd’s penis but I’m waiting until he releases his new version. Here’s an uncensored version of the above image to see what it looks like with LE’s penis. Recommendations: LunarEclipse’s Hard/Soft Penis [NSFW] UntraditionalNerd’s Penis If you’re not a fan of these textures, I also suggest checking out @erling1974 and @siminimonster‘s great textures as well!! My BODY: Redux Replacement pack + Skin Credit: Dave Nagel for the hair brushes (Nagel Series) If you like my custom content and want to support me, donations are available. My blog will always be and link shortener free! Enjoy!~DL: Individual Packages / Merged Package

Source:  BODY HAIR V5 ✨ Body Hair is back and even more… – L U U M I A S I M S